Tuesday, February 10, 2015


What have I been up to? Oh, my. We have had a lot of crazy stuff going on at our house, but none of us have been committed to a padded cell yet. I haven't really felt like venting here, but I do owe everyone a long overdue update.
So in summation, when I am not breathing into this bag, I am dizzy with a long list of crazy art projects.
(Clarification: No, I have NOT taken up huffing glue. This picture is a reference to a common hyperventilation "cure" in which you breathe your own carbon dioxide by breathing in-and-out of a paper bag.)
My wee art student is creating some pretty exciting stuff this week, utilizing art materials from the recycle bin.
This "Speed Bus" is still being decorated, but it already takes passengers up and down the hallway. It is always fun to help Benjamin use that amazing imagination of his. He gets such a kick out of the smallest things. It is wonderful to see him get so excited about something as ordinary as an empty egg container.
But, honestly, these are the most exciting cartons in my house right now. I can hardly "contain" myself! You see, most of my art projects have been for clients who wish to remain confidential for now. I am hoping to add a few things to my JAB Graphic portfolio soon. However, the materials in these boxes are for my own, fine art, big ideas. Once I can clear my JAB Graphic schedule enough, then I will be bringing out the box cutter!
Last, but not least on our artistic agenda, is David's role as George in the Hamilton Players production of "The Drowsy Chaperone". The play opens this Friday, the 13th. It is a very funny musical, with an amazing cast and fantastic director. In addition to acting, David will be singing and tap dancing in this one! He has worked very hard on it. The show will run for three weekends, to include Fridays, Saturdays, and Sunday matinees. Tickets are now available at the Hamilton Players "Box" Office or online (click here)!

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