Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Can't we get just one good one?!?

It is high time we get our Christmas card photos submitted. You would think, in this digital age, that we could get just ONE good one? Really, I don't really have terribly high expectations here. By "good one" I mean one where we are both smiling with our eyes open.
Not sticking our tongues out.
No eye-patch shadows, no reaching for the left breast, and again, eyes open.
We did have to stop for a kiss though.
I was tempted to use this one. I don't remember what was being said here, but it must have been pretty good.

I am sure I was licking my lips in preparation for more kissing. The comb-over needed some re-working, too.

Fussing with the mop.
He was teasing me about my primping, but we all recognize this pose as being in-character for David, no?

None of these made the final cut for our family Christmas card this year, but we sure appreciate Dylan's efforts to take our picture. It was great to have the family together for an evening of laughs and Christmas chaos. We are looking forward to more silliness and many carols around the piano this holiday!


  1. Maybe you should have had Ben take the photos ....

  2. No belly buttons going out on our Christmas cards, though ;)