Friday, August 29, 2014

Our 2014 County Fair: Part II; The Amazing Arthur

Benjamin got to perform as side-kick to "The Amazing Arthur"!
When the crowd was asked to supply a $20 bill for a trick, David offered and Benjamin got selected to be the magician's assistant!
This was no ordinary magician! This guy, Amazing Arthur, really was amazing! And he was HILARIOUS to boot!
We are still marveling at his world-class magic tricks! We are also rubbing our cheeks from laughing so hard!
Benjamin hopped up on stage, introduced himself, and told everyone, "Today is my birthday, so now I'm five year's old!".
Ben was the perfect side-kick! He added comedic comments and gestures to everything Amazing Arthur had to say!
We tried to take pictures and video, but were laughing steady through the entire act!
Ben was at his cutest!
Ben knew he was at his cutest!

When told, "Okay kid, you stand over there", Ben stood with his foot raised, his arms spread out and his tongue out.
Ben giggled on cue and improvised as well.

The audience lit up for them both!
Ben received a nice round of applause and a balloon hat.
The end result was one VERY HAPPY birthday boy!

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  1. That is so darn cute! He was born for the stage. :)