Friday, August 29, 2014

Our 2014 County Fair: Part I

Elephants doing hand stands!?! Oh, yeah! Ben's impressed!

Ben met some Cow friends!

He petted many Goat friends!

He joined a group of children who were chasing bubble-blowing clowns!
Ben wanted to see the "gears and motors". He had a lot of good questions!

Luckily, his Daddy had a lot of answers for him.  "That there is a stick-out son."
The stinkier the motor, the more Ben liked it.
Ben thought the older motors looked like something he could build out of legos.
This is my fried neuron treat. They called it a "funnel cake" on the menu, but I know better. My own baking experience makes me question the name considerably. However, my own sweet tooth kept it all from going to waste.
Under the Big Top, Benjamin got to play side-kick to the funniest comedian/magician we have ever seen! These are our keepsakes. It was such a great experience that we are posting it as a separate blog post (click here to read it).
Benjamin was quite brave at the carnival this year! This is the "Raiders of the Ark" climbing sliding thingus he scaled 30 or so times.
This is the "meat grinder" portion of the creepy "fun house" Ben powered through 50+ times. 
Just how brave was Ben this year? Well, Let's just say... that is his blue shirt streaming down the mountainous Super Slide all by himself!
He made it! He even climbed up to do it again! However, the second time he got stuck and came back down the stairs. That's just a sign of intelligence if you ask me.

We spent time on some old favorites.
We spun him around and he kept his lunch down. He kept telling Dad to spin faster!
He rode a Dragon for the first time!
It looked pretty scary, but he hung on tight without a complaint.
We all climbed on the Carousel together. We took a break for dinner and went back for more rides with all the "pretty lights" lit.

Our tired little race car driver climbed in his favorite car.
He had a go at many other models too.
The house of mirrors was full of pretty girls to follow.
And with all that to think about, we tucked him in to bed, exhausted.
Happy Birthday, Benjamin Jon; you brave, outgoing, fun, funny, friendly, five-year-old boy! We love you!

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