Friday, May 9, 2014

The Octo-Port and the Alien Robots

Those aliens are the other aliens. They are very strong. They have glowing eyes. The knights wouldn't stop them because they are so strong they have blood lines on them. They are really strong.

Once there was an Octo-Port and every person was in it. Then there was a booming sound. Then there was big five aliens who were aliens and had glowing eyes. They stomped to the Octo-Port and then the people looked at them. They were so angry, they had claws on their legs and they stomped into the Octo-Port. The aliens looked at the people and they starting fighting. And then the knights came.
(note: the Octo-Port has a ladder that is 8 inches long)

The knights starting fighting the alien robots. The knights won and they saved the day. And that's the end of our story.
The End.

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