Saturday, May 10, 2014

Our New Rocket Ship Space Center

Ah, the Rocket Ship Space Center is up and running! Ben has decorated it inside and out. We have robots (stickers) working on it all around. Emergency lighting is installed (multiple flashlights). It is filling with space-age equipment (toys from his bedroom).
It is of impressive size.
Benjamin picked it out himself. It is a Deluxe model 50-gallon Whirlpool Rocket Ship Space Center, with a 12-year limited warranty (very limited).
This is why we decided to invest in said Rocket Ship. While doing laundry, I noticed the floor boards had bowed. I looked outside the laundry room, along the wall, and saw actual pooling beaded up on the wood floors. We removed the old hot water tank, and the carpeting that the original installer had placed under it, and this is what we found; a delightful new project.
Of course it was no problem for my man! We dried it all out, removed what needed to go. Hubby cut new wood while I cleaned and painted.
And.... BLAST OFF!! We are ready to have hot showers again!

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