Tuesday, March 4, 2014

It's Show Time!

We made a puppet tree! Puppets have always been one of Ben's favorite things. Play is often theater in our house; acting mixed with puppeteering. Sometimes, sadly, the puppets get neglected because they are not readily available. We decided that these poor puppets have been hiding in a bin for far too long!
They can stand watch from the puppet tree, now!
Being "at hand", they have certainly seen more action today!
However, the octopus doesn't want to live on the tree. I am told that it only wants to guard this treasure chest.
We've had some great theater performances today!

On that note:
David was cast as the character, Dr. Sanderson, in the Hamilton Players' production of "Harvey"! He is rehearsing 5-days a week and will be performing on 3 weekends! It is hard work, but he is having a great time! I guess performing talent just runs in the family! :)

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