Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Happy 24th Birthday, Dylan!

Happy Birthday, to our picking, strumming, humming, drumming, tapping, happening guy! Smart, fun, thoughtful Mr. Dylan has everything going for him... looks, brains, talent, a career on the horizon and.... wonderful parents!
We love you!!!
We look forward to celebrating your 24th birthday on Friday!!! We are, also, looking forward to your graduation party at the end of May!!! We are so proud of you!! You have a big year ahead of you, and we are right behind you (literally, as well as figuratively)!!!

Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Spring is arriving!

Okay, it is not yet warm enough for swim trunks, but it is pretty nice outside today! Apparently, the wind took our kiddie pool from the side of the shed. Luckily, Mother Nature filled it up so it wouldn't go any further than the edge of our yard. She's nice like that. 
We had a very pleasant outing today!

There is a lot to do out there! I am noticing my flower beds are looking pretty ragged. Ben saw work he needs to do, too. For one thing, he thinks this stump needs to go.
He is getting that taken care of ... one piece at a time.
Welcome back, SPRINGTIME! Welcome back birds, bugs, grasses, leaves, and most of all.... SUNSHINE!

Tuesday, March 4, 2014

It's Show Time!

We made a puppet tree! Puppets have always been one of Ben's favorite things. Play is often theater in our house; acting mixed with puppeteering. Sometimes, sadly, the puppets get neglected because they are not readily available. We decided that these poor puppets have been hiding in a bin for far too long!
They can stand watch from the puppet tree, now!
Being "at hand", they have certainly seen more action today!
However, the octopus doesn't want to live on the tree. I am told that it only wants to guard this treasure chest.
We've had some great theater performances today!

On that note:
David was cast as the character, Dr. Sanderson, in the Hamilton Players' production of "Harvey"! He is rehearsing 5-days a week and will be performing on 3 weekends! It is hard work, but he is having a great time! I guess performing talent just runs in the family! :)