Sunday, February 23, 2014

With Wild Abandon

The struggle of an artist is a very private argument with oneself.
Our little painter had an interesting studio session. Ben really wanted to paint and asked for his easel and paints to be set up; a rare occurrence these days. After being very driven to paint, he just wasn't very happy doing it. I observed that he was very agitated and had a lot of confused questions for me. We haven't painted together for a long time because of a similar event about a month ago.
We started out with happy colors and fresh paint pots. We talked about what colors do when they touch and mix. We talked about shapes and brush strokes. At first, I thought Ben was happily mixing and smooshing colors around on the poster board. He struggles a lot with holding a brush, crayon or pencil and resists direction, saying "I can't". However, it appeared that he was enjoying the process of adding texture and watching the colors change. Yet, the conversation on his end was less joyful as he went along. I felt helpless about being able to make it fun for him. He was done. He was adamant that he did not want a new piece of paper. He wanted his smock off and the easel put away.
This was the final result of his efforts. He said "I don't think it is very pretty.". I said it was a great exploration of color mixing. He said, "No it isn't. It was supposed to be a rainbow and very pretty.". I asked, "You had fun putting on the colors, and you learned a lot, didn't you?". He told me, "No.". He did not want it hung on the fridge.

Benjamin has a great many talents. We are proud of him. It needs to be okay if art isn't his favorite thing. However, without art as a catalyst at this point, it may take some time to get him to write his name.  In the past, I have drawn dots for him to connect in order to sign his name on special cards. However, he really struggles with even that. He always needs a lot of direction and assistance.
He will get there. It will take time. In the end, I think he will just have the signature of a doctor, not an artist.

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  1. He is only four. It's ok if he can't write his name yet. ☺