Sunday, February 16, 2014

What's Up Doc Benjamin?

"Are you ready for your check-up, Mommy?"
When I asked him to "make a doctor pose", he gave me this. He held this pose while I composed myself, stopped shaking from laughing, and finally got the picture.
When I was seated in his examination chair, he gave me his diagnosis. I was told that I had "juice" in my eyes making my "eyes get blurry and not see". "Yep", he said, "Your brain stopped thumping because your heart doesn't do the train.". Furthermore, I was told, "You need to get this right. You feel really hot. The hot is coming from your heart, so you need a band-aid.".
When I asked him if that was all, he said, "All my scribety is almost done. I got scripes to do.". He went on to inspect my ears, which contained "stuff". When asked what kind of stuff, I was told, "oh, just stuff".
His parting advice was "You need some healthy food.". He called to Daddy in the kitchen and told him, "Hey food Doctor! Momma needs some breakfast!".
This doctor, clearly, has excellent skills in addition to his wonderful bed-side manner.

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