Tuesday, February 4, 2014

What did YOU have for breakfast?

Benjamin ate like an octopus!
What does an Octopus eat?
"Well, bottom ones eat crabby crabs!"
(Bottom-dwelling octopus eat primarily crabs and molluscs.)
"This one is gonna gobble-up this fish!"
(Open-ocean octopuses will eat fish, prawns and other cephalopods)
"Oh, no! He got this namanamanies!"
(Anemones live in an Octopuses garden, but are not really on the menu.)
"Nom, nom, nam, nom, nam."
"Pppppffff! He spits it out!"
"Oh, here comes the hungry octopus, you crabby-crabs, you!"

(No real crabs were harmed in the making of this blog post. Our imitation octopus had imitation crab with his breakfast this morning.)

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  1. Grandma had her usual, egg whites scrambled with mushrooms. Octopus is really quite tasty.