Monday, February 10, 2014

2030 Olympian?!!

After skiing the living room carpet all day long, Benjamin went cross-country skiing for the first time outdoors! We found these little strap-on skis at a thrift store a couple of years ago. Daddy cut some ski poles out of wooden dowels. I wrapped some electrical tape around them for handles. Away he went!
After getting comfortable on flat snow, Ben rode the parental ski lift up to the top of our "bunny hill". It was available because we have been grooming it (that is, we have been trying to shovel enough to keep us from getting stuck as we drive out).
We have been watching the winter Olympics with Ben all week. He has been quite impressed by the ski and snowboarding events. He has been looking forward to trying it!
This was one very happy little skier!
He was pretty good at it!
Now that we know he likes it, we will use our sledding hill for his training run.
We had no idea he would like this so much. When he said he wanted to, and it was getting late, we rushed right out and didn't even take the time to put snow pants on him. Now we know.
He is a little athlete! Who knows...this may be the picture we all look back on when he is winning medals some day!

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