Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Observations regarding Mr. Supercute

At bedtime, Benjamin tells us that he only wants a "short nap". Going to bed without tears now hinges on whether it will be a "long nap" or a "short nap". Also, he likes his microwave heat pad laid on his chest to "hold the warm on" him.
At the thrift store, there is a box outside full of broken, discarded, free items. Ben has decided that they make the best toys because he can "fix things". They become "fixed" with a little wash cloth, an alcohol swab from Mom, and his imagination. He is truly an inventor. He can make a "new toy" out of anything!
Ben is becoming more affectionate, and getting a surprising sense of humor. Here he is posing as a "kissy monster" for a text-picture for Daddy. I was, then, the surrogate recipient of the many monster smooches. He likes to announce where the kiss is going to land. For example, he will say, "Kiss on the nose?" before planting one on your snout. Then he will repeat with "Kiss on the eye?" and so on until you run out of face parts. Then he will start over with your nose.

His sense of humor is blooming; seemingly overnight. He has decided that "Farty Farts" are funny. He will interject ingenious punchlines during our conversations. He will say funny things and follow up with "Isn't that so silly!". He loves knock-knock jokes. Actually, he loves the same two knock-knock jokes, over, and over, and over. Be aware that you are now an audience for the development of his stand-up routine.

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  1. That's great! Grandma always needs a good laugh. I see the next Steve Martin, but I would him to play the piano, not the banjo.