Wednesday, January 22, 2014

It all went by so fast!

Exploring at the Children's Museum is sort of like dropping a bucket full of peanuts out of an airplane over a 3 acre wooded park and then chasing an excited hungry squirrel through the obstacle course of picking them all up  ... for Mom anyhow.
Here, the squirrel is riding the "rainbow bear".
When you forget your shopping list, you will always buy things you don't need.
Benjamin was amazed at how little a plastic cucumber weighed. When he weighs bananas at the real grocery store they "always pass the 2".
Ben inquired, "how much of this plastic fruit do I have to put in the cart before I can move the scale like real bananas?". The answer. More than will fit.
Benjamin questioned the parking job of this young truck driver. I am pretty sure that kid would have gotten a ticket if Benjamin could write all of his letters.
Places look smaller from up here. Everything looks smaller. He is noticeably bigger than he was at his last visit.
Being bigger means being more capable too!
Ben got a lot more out of the hydraulics table this trip.
There was some serious engineering going on.
Benjamin found some great costumes... and a stage! Note, the square and black dot above his head? that is a camera and video screen which is aimed at the stage. when he turned around he saw himself performing on the silver screen! It all got pretty animated after this picture.
This is Benjamin turned around on stage, watching himself on the video screen. At first he was costumed and silly, then it quickly became of hide-and-seek with himself.
There was a foot bridge for "fishing" with a wooden pole for catching magnetic fish. I think his Daddy should try to catch that type of fish. They are much easier to reel in.
This is another climber where Ben noticed he had gotten "Way, way bigger".
He had to duck to get into the "rain water" slide. Not as much as his Mom though. He invited her to go down in tandem, holding hands, several times. It was Mom's favorite part of the whole visit.
Now for my next act, watch me pull this butterfly outta this caterpillar puppet!
You would not believe the noises this one made! We learned a lot at the Children's Museum, but NOT what sound an octopus makes. Ben is pretty sure Mom  was making that up!

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