Friday, January 24, 2014

Happy 90th Birthday, Grandma Great!

Spunky Griz Eileen turns 90 years young this weekend!

Amongst other things...we blame Griz for there being so much musical talent in the family;
and we're not just whistling Dixie!
Wow! Although she is sharp as a whip, isn't it kinda ornery to make her to count to 90 before she has her cake? Actually, no one made her do this...she looks like she is enjoying counting the years, doesn't she?
It may be time to move the parties outside; for safety reasons!
However, she still has the lungs for blowing out 90 candles! Maybe that is from yelling at bungling referees every football season.
Max and Ben entertained everyone, fueled by frosting.
As those big peepers would suggest, she is very observant. Super sweet little cousin Allysa preferred to be out of their way. 
We are all so proud of you, Grandma Griz! WE LOVE YOU! Happy 90th Birthday!

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