Wednesday, December 25, 2013

Making Merry 2013

The Fellas, inadvertently posed as if Ben has a giant right hand.
We had a classic Christmas fiasco. Moments before this photo was taken, the tree was laying on the floor. The water drained all over the floor. We had a mad dash to get towels and move pre-Santa gifts out of the way. It was very exciting.  We lost a couple of ornaments, but nothing of sentimental value. My initial response was to laugh and run for my camera... which put me on Santa's "Bad List" temporarily. The cat hid for a while.
Happy Mama and her kiddos, posing unaware of the instability of the tree.
The Mr. & Mrs. ... waiting for Santa to come.
Super Big Brother gave Super Hero Ben this Super Hero play set
Benjamin gave Dylan this Super Hug
Grammie cross stitched these beautiful new Christmas stockings! (Julie decided that means she gets two! ... note the one still up to the far right...tee hee)
Christmas morning there were signs of Santa, all over the living room!
We took our time waking up.
Ben was raring to go!
With the semester over, and basically four "A"s and a "C" in his tough college classes, Dylan was definitely on Santa's "Good List".
Dr. Benjamin was given his very first lab coat by; a gift from his Buddy, Neil. In fact, it was an entire doctor costume complete with scrubs, casts, stethoscope, and more.
Dr. Benjamin checked his Daddy's heartbeat right away. He has one.
We received so many nice things from so many thoughtful friends and family members! Thank you, all, so very much!
We had some very interesting wrapping jobs. They were full of very thoughtful gifts.
Apparently, we were at the end of several rolls of wrap. Dylan made do.
Benjamin gobbled up Grammie's cookies in his new "Cookie Monster" jammies she sewed for him.

Sorry for the brief write-up... I hope to edit this post soon to ad side stories and humor from the day. Although we didn't get as many pictures as I had hoped, I will gather them from our various devices and post more soon.

For now, please know that you are wished a very Merry Christmas, with much love!

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  1. Thanks for the photos! It looks like everyone was having a great time. We need a Dr. in the family. Go Dr. Ben.