Saturday, December 7, 2013

"It's A Color Explosion!"

We got our Christmas tree up last night. We included Ben in decorating as far as he could reach.
Ben announced that it was a "color explosion"! He dashed excitedly back and forth between ornament boxes and the tree.
In the midst of the excitement we were able to capture a few tender quiet moments a parent treasures for a lifetime.
His All-Mighty Cuteness needed to be interrupted many times for a squeeze.
Ben smiles like his Daddy, but we'll work on that.
Note the centralized placement of the Christmas balls.  Tree is asking why a few limbs have to bear the work of so many others.
The next explosive device is about to be detonated (color explosion, that is).
These are "friends" and needed to be close together.  Very close.
The aforementioned color explosion!
Behold!  The 2013 Hamilton Burkhart Christmas Tree!  The blue hue is an odd and compulsory addition from our camera. Also, it is missing the ribbon (to be added following a trip to the big city where they sell such niceties).
Our little blue angel intends to carry on a Burkhart family tradition. Grandma Connie helped us find her online. With the addition of blue ribbon and tulle from our wedding, she has taken her rightful place as ruler of our tree. I think, at Christmas time, we must be acknowledging our matriarchs!?! She is cute, but she is powerful!

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  1. Sweet! Your tree is beautiful and it looks like Ben had so much fun helping to decorate. I remember Collin taking decorations off the tree everyday just so he could put them back on. Your Blue Angel is perfect. How cute! A lovely addition to your tree. David must be happy now?