Sunday, October 13, 2013

This is really buggin' me!

Who is she?
She is laying eggs in the doorway of our  garden shed.
Could she be Cross Orb Spider? I didn't see any pictures on the Internet showing any markings quite like hers.
Her hind markings look like eyes looking at me!
She's spooky, but beautiful.
If she turns out to be a "good spider", then we will help her protect her eggs as they winter over.

If she turns out to have poison potential, she may end up in the freezer as a scientific specimen.

What are these?
When I unrolled the cover for our patio furniture, these were attached to it. The cover had been stored in the rafters of our garden shed. Apparently, our shed is popular for reproductive purposes.
There was something working on maturing inside it.
Based on the food being brought for the "babies", I am going to guess that this was not a nesting place of a beneficial bug.

I would love your help identifying our creepy crawlies. 

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