Sunday, October 27, 2013

The Pumpkin Tradition

Ready, Set, Carve! We spread our newsprint and set to work!
Ben was very impressed by his Daddy's carving skills.
Ben told us where he wanted the holes in his pumpkin. He had a little "kid knife" that he poked "breathing holes" all over with. However, for the big stuff, we cut the shapes in the locations he pointed out.
This is the fearsome face which accompanies the sound his pumpkin makes.
Ben put the candles inside of the finished Jack-O-Lanterns. Daddy used long wooden matches to reach the wicks. Ben was super excited to see them lit up!
Pretty spooky, huh?
Ben was pretty proud of his one-horned, hexagon-nosed, rectangle-mouthed cyclops!
As we cleaned up we heard the wind howling outside. Our weather station has been knocked out of commission, so we can't tell you how fast the wind is blowing. The forecast was for wind gusts up to 50 mph and possible snow!

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