Friday, October 25, 2013


In the spirit of Los Dias de Muertos (Days of the Dead), I had a small sugar skull decorating party with a few friends. I made a LOT of sugar skull 'blanks' and 9 colors of royal frosting. We had chicken en mole and margaritas. It was a good time. We all decorated a BUNCH of skulls, which we distributed to friends around town. During the preparations, I used 1 pound of meringue powder, 12 pounds of powdered sugar, and about 35 pounds of granulated sugar. Our house smells SWEET!
Benjamin decorated his very own sugar skull. He actually decorated it 10 times, because he would keep licking the frosting off and then putting it back on. It's a germy little keepsake, let me tell ya.
Here are some of the skulls I decorated. The large one took 6 pounds of sugar by itself. I decorated it for Dylan, in his likeness.
Here is a photo for comparison! Dylan is doing his best Salvador Dali impression.
Trick or Treat!

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