Sunday, October 27, 2013

The Pumpkin Tradition

Ready, Set, Carve! We spread our newsprint and set to work!
Ben was very impressed by his Daddy's carving skills.
Ben told us where he wanted the holes in his pumpkin. He had a little "kid knife" that he poked "breathing holes" all over with. However, for the big stuff, we cut the shapes in the locations he pointed out.
This is the fearsome face which accompanies the sound his pumpkin makes.
Ben put the candles inside of the finished Jack-O-Lanterns. Daddy used long wooden matches to reach the wicks. Ben was super excited to see them lit up!
Pretty spooky, huh?
Ben was pretty proud of his one-horned, hexagon-nosed, rectangle-mouthed cyclops!
As we cleaned up we heard the wind howling outside. Our weather station has been knocked out of commission, so we can't tell you how fast the wind is blowing. The forecast was for wind gusts up to 50 mph and possible snow!

Friday, October 25, 2013


In the spirit of Los Dias de Muertos (Days of the Dead), I had a small sugar skull decorating party with a few friends. I made a LOT of sugar skull 'blanks' and 9 colors of royal frosting. We had chicken en mole and margaritas. It was a good time. We all decorated a BUNCH of skulls, which we distributed to friends around town. During the preparations, I used 1 pound of meringue powder, 12 pounds of powdered sugar, and about 35 pounds of granulated sugar. Our house smells SWEET!
Benjamin decorated his very own sugar skull. He actually decorated it 10 times, because he would keep licking the frosting off and then putting it back on. It's a germy little keepsake, let me tell ya.
Here are some of the skulls I decorated. The large one took 6 pounds of sugar by itself. I decorated it for Dylan, in his likeness.
Here is a photo for comparison! Dylan is doing his best Salvador Dali impression.
Trick or Treat!

Friday, October 18, 2013

Autumn Leaves!

We got our flu shots this morning at the Health Department downtown. Then, to cheer ourselves up, we went running through the leaves in the lot next door. There are a lot of deciduous trees downtown. There were thick layers of leaves rustling around loudly under our feet! We ran and ran!
Hey, it's FALL!
If you lay under the trees, the leaves fall ON you!
"Here comes another one!"
That's fun, isn't it Benjamin?
There is a twinkle in your eye, Benjamin. What do you have in mind, now?
"I have a good idea, Momma!"
"You'd better look out!"
"The leaves are sounding crunchy when I am running at them!"
"Here I come to FALL on you!"

Sunday, October 13, 2013

This is really buggin' me!

Who is she?
She is laying eggs in the doorway of our  garden shed.
Could she be Cross Orb Spider? I didn't see any pictures on the Internet showing any markings quite like hers.
Her hind markings look like eyes looking at me!
She's spooky, but beautiful.
If she turns out to be a "good spider", then we will help her protect her eggs as they winter over.

If she turns out to have poison potential, she may end up in the freezer as a scientific specimen.

What are these?
When I unrolled the cover for our patio furniture, these were attached to it. The cover had been stored in the rafters of our garden shed. Apparently, our shed is popular for reproductive purposes.
There was something working on maturing inside it.
Based on the food being brought for the "babies", I am going to guess that this was not a nesting place of a beneficial bug.

I would love your help identifying our creepy crawlies. 

Thursday, October 10, 2013

Sunday, October 6, 2013

Happy Retirement Papa and Grammie!

"Smile like you never have to work again, folks!"
My little brother and I are smiling like we have work to do on Monday, but we were happy to get together.
Ben is smiling because he got to see his grandparents, watch cartoons, and dress up as a spook.
He didn't want to say "Good-bye", but Ben got to drive his "bat car" all the way to our room and back down to the lobby of the hotel.