Monday, August 5, 2013

Anniversary Weekend

What a happy 6th Anniversary weekend!We hung out for hours, talking, kissing, looking at the reflection of the Bitterroot Mountains and trees in the water, and watching a flurry of activity on this little pond. It was very alive with motion. We even saw a Kingfisher come scoop up his fish dinner.

We toasted each other, our love and the life we've been creating together.
We walked around the pond and found that it was FULL of tadpoles, pollywogs, and fully formed frogs; of all sizes!
I reached in and touched some, many of which still had tails.
There were many, many more who cautiously watched us.
We had such a good time, that we came back the next day to show the boys what we had found.

Dylan caught a frog to show to his little brother.
We thought that, maybe, Ben wanted the frog to hop onto his rock. However, he didn't let it do it. So, we aren't sure if Ben was trying to trade a rock for a frog, or if he was trying to feed the frog a rock. Neither one would surprise me.
The sunshine was very bright, but I got some smiles for a group photo. Dylan is sporting his "Summer 2013 Undergraduate Research" group shirt. But, he forgot to bring his research poster to share with us! Boy is he in trouble! We can't wait to see the visual demonstration of all of his lab work!
 We are very proud of our boys and proud of the happiness we have created over these 6 years!

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  1. What an amazing 6 years it has been! A roller coaster of thrills, scares, triumph, struggle, and defeat, but through it all, we are supported by genuine love. We are raising two beautiful boys who continue to wow us with their talents and imagination. I enjoy it all and am so very thankful to have Julie to go through it with!