Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Happy 4th Birthday, Benjamin Jon!

This post is under construction... It will be completed when I quit sobbing over putting to bed a 3 year old for the last time.
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Monday, August 19, 2013

Fiddling On The Roof

Grandpa Jon and Grandma Connie are building this grand new entryway to their house. It will help keep snow and ice off of the front porch and reduce the shoveling needed this winter. We came to help with construction, firewood production and preparations for the big 68th Annual Oyster Party! Okay, there haven't been 68 of them. We don't really know how many O' Parties there have been, but we did celebrate Grandpa Jon's birthday while we were at it!
While his Daddy was on the roof, Benjamin put his construction skills to work with the lumber remnants. He built this fine "house".
This is Ben's "hammer".
This is Ben's "saw".
We did a little digging in Grandma's ginormous, amazing, very productive garden.
We plucked about a gallon of green beans from Grandma's "bean tee pee" hideout.

It was hot, hard work for the fellas, but day after day, the progress was stunning! David helped his Dad with wiring some outlets and lights. The final touches and new roofing will be completed soon.
Dylan sawed all of these logs into firewood to heat the house this winter.
After working in an air-conditioned lab all summer, it was harder work than last year. We are very proud of you, Dylan!
Benjamin took pictures of Dylan's facial hair.

David worked with a great guy and great carpenter, named Tim. Tim made it look easy and it all came together like a simple jigsaw puzzle.

The porch is a beautiful addition to the house!
We got to see Tim, the carpenter, and our own Grandma Connie, play in a band called, "Running With Scissors" at Trinity's in Sandpoint! They sounded so GREAT! Great job, Connie! And, what a nice venue! Thanks for a wonderful night out!
The Oyster Party was a huge success and super fun! It, really, just gets better every year! Ironically, however, it was the year without any oysters. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention identified Vibrio parahaenolyticus infections which prompted major recalls and a temporary FDA prohibition on oyster sales. There were no oysters to be had! We sure were glad they caught it BEFORE the Oyster Party!
There was more than enough food without the oysters. There were steamer clams, two tables full of amazing potluck dishes, and the grillers had shrimp skewers, chicken wings, lake trout, elk, and even inadvertently-trapped mountain lion meat on the grills!
At one point, I counted over 70 people at the party enjoying the music! Neat people! The diversity of professions, interests, hobbies and pursuits you would never expect to find in the woods of north Idaho. Really neat people! The Cougar Creek Band entertained the crowd. Great music! They just keep getting better and better! Lastly, but not least, singing around the piano until after midnight, as always, was a grand finale!

Monday, August 5, 2013

Little Entrepreneur

We went to see a friend at a yard sale she was hosting. Ben scored two great, gently used, fire truck toys. He had saved his quarters and was able to buy both. We have been talking about his financial choices lately and, apparently, he has learned a lot about money. 
He took the price sticker off of one of his fire truck toys, and attached it to the bumper of our car, announcing, "Car For Sale!". We said, "Oh, no you don't. You can't sell our car for two dollars!". With a big smile on his face, he replied, "Yes! Car For Sale!". Although we are a little disappointed by how much the car has depreciated, we're proud of our funny little salesman and his clever, wishful thinking.

Anniversary Weekend

What a happy 6th Anniversary weekend!We hung out for hours, talking, kissing, looking at the reflection of the Bitterroot Mountains and trees in the water, and watching a flurry of activity on this little pond. It was very alive with motion. We even saw a Kingfisher come scoop up his fish dinner.

We toasted each other, our love and the life we've been creating together.
We walked around the pond and found that it was FULL of tadpoles, pollywogs, and fully formed frogs; of all sizes!
I reached in and touched some, many of which still had tails.
There were many, many more who cautiously watched us.
We had such a good time, that we came back the next day to show the boys what we had found.

Dylan caught a frog to show to his little brother.
We thought that, maybe, Ben wanted the frog to hop onto his rock. However, he didn't let it do it. So, we aren't sure if Ben was trying to trade a rock for a frog, or if he was trying to feed the frog a rock. Neither one would surprise me.
The sunshine was very bright, but I got some smiles for a group photo. Dylan is sporting his "Summer 2013 Undergraduate Research" group shirt. But, he forgot to bring his research poster to share with us! Boy is he in trouble! We can't wait to see the visual demonstration of all of his lab work!
 We are very proud of our boys and proud of the happiness we have created over these 6 years!