Wednesday, July 10, 2013


When was the last time you were in a bouncy house? Well, let me tell ya, it is rather hard to do as an adult. It shook my brain in its case and caused me injuries you wouldn't expect from a soft surface. Also, my weight sent Benjamin flying to the roof of the thing when I bounced him. Batman doesn't care. More power to him, but I am outta here!
The bouncy house filled with little critters and Batman had a great time!
Next, Ben wanted me to go down this crazy tall slide! So, I did... ONCE. It was high! I didn't wet my pants, but it was a pretty scary! I was done and figured Ben would be too. That is where I was wrong.
Ben ran around to the front and headed right back up without me!
He didn't even hesitate to whiz down the thing alone! He isn't always fearless, but he is always brave.
In addition to Daddy's company picnic, this summer, Ben had some strange backyard bird sightings. These colorful travelers have come from neighboring states and as far away as Oklahoma! I wish I had gotten more photos. It was a rare sighting.
We have spent some time, this summer, on fire prevention. We have dress rehearsals for our fire drills.
We are glad to have Big Brother closer and NOT FIGHTING FIRE this summer! He had all of his wisdom removed (teeth, that is) and he is working in an air conditioned laboratory on campus this summer.

(Summertime .... more to come... to be continued)

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  1. Isn't it great to kind of rock your boat by doing something totally out of the ordinary? I love the bouncy house, but I don't think Grandma could go there. Great photos!