Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Scuba Duba Doo

Deep-sea diver, Benjamin, is land-locked, and somewhat confused. He created a "scuba tank" out of a belt and plastic bat. He has his "snorkel mask", pilfered from his Daddy's ski gear. His "flippers are rather out of season. He has been asking us for real scuba gear, often (about every 5 minutes).

Ben demonstrated his scuba abilities by "catching" this rare "duck fish". His "ostagen tank" kept slipping and giving him a wedgie so, after several days of his scuba fascination growing, we decided to grant his wish.

We bought Benjamin his first "scuba gear with a mask and flippers".
The consignment store had this great "life-guard" suit for "diving". First, we will try it out in the kiddie pool.
Someday soon, maybe Daddy can break out his own snorkel set and show Ben how to look at the little fishes along the lake shoreline.


  1. Oh Lord, what will he try next.

  2. OK, I am officially filing a complaint. The last post was June 25th. It's now July 10th? Where is my grandson blog post?

    1. I am a big slacker! I have a backlog of pics to sort through, but good intentions coming outta my ears :) Love and Miss Yous!