Sunday, June 9, 2013

Metamorphosis Complete!

Just before the chrysalides prepare to hatch, they become very dark. However, they can stay that way for many hours and watched chrysalides do not hatch. I took this picture right before getting in the shower. When I got out and checked, the first butterfly was already out!

Once they climb out, they hang around to let their wings dry. Do not be alarmed at the red spot on the pavilion. They excrete the excess dye used to color their wings.
It was very exciting waiting for them to come out! We read about butterflies and looked up from our reading about every 30 seconds; we were on pins and needles.
Finally, the second butterfly began to emerge, right before our eyes!
The chrysalid began to quiver, and then out stretched some bright, beautiful little folded wings! 
Benjamin was riveted! We watch and watched, as they learned to fly. They ate our food with their long uncurled proboscis. They seem to enjoy it, but I think they will be much happier outside when we let them go.

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  1. This is a very cool project for Ben. You must do it again!