Sunday, June 9, 2013

"Good Bye, Butterfly!"

We had a great time watching our butterfly larvae grow and change into butterflies! We loved having them in our home as tiny roommates! We fed them everyday and watched them eat, fly, and rest. We will miss having their sweetness around.
It was so nice to have a such a long, leisurely, up-close look at their amazing, gentle, beautiful, features and movements. However, a Painted Lady butterfly only lives for up to one month. We shared a couple of days with them and it was time to let them go be outside.
Benjamin opened the pavilion and we said our "Good-Byes".
Being very familiar with us, they acted somewhat attached and many even needed some coaching about where to go. It was a neat experience.
They each hung around in our flower garden for several minutes and then flew away into the blue summer sky.

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  1. What happy butterflies and what a cool project!