Monday, June 24, 2013

A Summer Hike

Here is Ben at the Trail Head. His chosen hiking attire includes a pair of brown knit gloves. We couldn't convince him that he wouldn't need them on a 75 degree day. To his credit, they did pad his palms when he tripped a few times.
This is what Ben referred to as the "Grumpy Troll Bridge". He insisted on going across!  This is the mother/son safety briefing.
Trip trap! trip trap! Here we are on the other side! The water was very loud as it moved swiftly down the canyon. The bridge had a broken board in the middle and the walk across was a little scary (for Momma anyhow). Then, Ben shared with us that he, himself, was the grumpy troll!

Our little mountaineer threatened that he will be scaling hills, like the one in the background, someday (Gulp!).
We watched water skippers and found many nature treasures, such as a bright green beetle, an angry squirrel, shiny mica, brightly-colored wildflowers, flittering butterflies, ants carrying many times their own weight, horse dung, and a bird's nest!
The bird's nest was full of three eggs! It had been constructed three feet off the ground in this brush. I didn't get a look at the Momma bird that we accidentally startled out of it. The eggs were blue-green with brown speckles on them. I am marveling that it may be an actual Mockingbird nest! What do you think? (click here for info and photo comparison)
Ben is a great little hiker, full of enthusiasm and energy.... for a while. After about a mile and a half, Ben was spent. Being not-quite-four-years-old, he did pretty well.
Mom and Dad got a little better work out with helping Benjamin out. We want hikes to be a pleasant experience, so we will work on endurance as the season wears on. Most importantly, it was a ton of fun for all of us to be out hiking as a family. We had a blast!

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