Tuesday, April 9, 2013


Note, the pose, the serious face and the proud look in his eyes. Notice there is a completed 60-piece puzzle on the table? That is the work of a super hero! It's... done-da-DA... PUZZLE MAN!
Ben worked on puzzles most of yesterday. We pulled them out thinking that he would need a lot of help. We were wrong!
The only thing Ben wanted my help for was to turn the pieces upright and to help sort them into color categories. He understands that whole "edge piece" thing, how to turn them "around and around" to find a fit, and how to be gentle so as to keep from bending the "pokers" when they don't quite fit in the "poker hole".
Look at the pride on that face! He couldn't stifle the smile to keep the serious super-hero pose for long. When I said, "You are the PUZZLE MAN!" He said to me, "Yes. I AM the Puzzle Man".
However, that was not the end of his drive! He wanted "A nutter one!". He wanted to try his skills at this 100-piece puzzle!
When I said, "You are a great problem-solver, Ben", he very matter-of-factly replied, "Yes. I am a great problem solver".
Ah ha! The last piece! He didn't complain, not even once, about the difficulty.
Puzzle Man has amazing determination, patience and problem-solving SUPER POWERS!

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