Sunday, April 7, 2013

Neilarooni came to town!

Our dear, dear friends, Neil, Clif, Jodi and Marcia, all came to see us over the weekend! We all had a great time!
The boys had such fun; there is no shutter speed fast enough to capture all of the fun that was had!
The visit would not be complete without a trip to the local toy store. Both boys love keys, so here they are working to unlock "Door Number 4" with "Key Number 4". I couldn't tell if they acted more like locksmiths or safe-crackers.
They made it through all four doors while we waited at Naps for the best burgers in the world. Word to the wise; if you order fries with every burger, you will have 10 pounds of potato fries on your table when you are done eating.
We explored Sheafman Creek a little, hunting for feathers to identify. We may have found a blue heron feather (click here for an identification guide)!
The kiddos got a trip through the Missoula Children's Museum. You can see Marcia grinning from ear to ear as she watched them squirrel around.

Little did she know, there was a Killer Octopus lurking around; ready to pounce!
The eight-legged tickle-attack took her completely by surprise!
The boys spent some time in the "Dino Dig" pit, unearthing fossils. It was probably a lot more pleasant than getting wet sand in their undies while in the backyard sandbox the day before.
They left some amazing Magna-Tile architectural structures for the next group of kids to see. Santa has a tall order to fill now!
Back at the house, they practiced their glow stick drumming.
For movie night, we watched "How To Train Your Dragon". Benjamin, then, proceeded to "phoosh fire" on Jodi.
Jodi was thoroughly impressed, if not covered with spittle. She didn't seem to mind a bit.
Ahhhh, young, cute boys! It was so touching to watch the boys wear themselves out, enjoying each other's company! It was wonderful spending time with everyone! Thank you, so much, for visiting, Marcia, Jodi, Clif and Neil! We miss you all already!

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  1. Ben looks very serious about "what's behind door #4"! It was pure joy watching those two run from discovery to discovery at the Children's Museum. Great memories of good friends.