Saturday, April 20, 2013

Happy Earth Week!

Earth Day is on Monday. Arbor Day is on Friday. This week is a veritable tree-hugger's sprout sandwich!
With the help and generosity of our dear friend, Jerry, we planted 6 baby Ponderosa pines today. It is the official Montana state tree. Wikipedia claims that the Ponderosa pine was first described by a Mr. David Douglas in 1826, in what is now the Spokane Washington area (click here for reference).
Benjamin watered the little trees. They will grow 2-3 feet per year if they like our conditions.We would have 10-foot trees if we had been able to plant when we first moved in. We have gotten control of the Knapp weed on our property though; they are finally manageable by pulling. I spent some time pulling the Knapp weed "carrots" which will always volunteer here in the spring.
In the future, they will get their water from a new drip line the fellas installed. It will be easy to t-off from the new line for future planting too.
We are hoping to do more planting on our west-facing slope this spring. We want to create additional bird habitat and change the landscape for additional indigenous plant growth in the non-mountain-view areas of our property. We also hope to block some of the prevalent wind with more mature shrubs and trees now that the drip line is in.
Jerry is an amazing steward of his land. He has planted several hundred trees and bushes on his property, literally transforming it into amazing bird habitat with shade and better growing conditions for every living thing there. Thank you, Jerry, for the nice "Earth Day" experience for Benjamin, the great tutorial and supplies for the drip line setup, and for the healthy saplings which will be enjoyed by many for generations to come!

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  1. Awesome! Jerry is a great friend! I can tell Ben is going to take after Grandma! Another gardener.