Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Easter Bunny Spoils

Alright, let the hunt begin!
"It's hatching!" was what we heard from Ben every time he found an egg.
Dylan got a kick out of his little brother "hatching" his eggs.
This was the hatching place where Ben kept returning to crack open the treasure-filled eggs he found all over the yard.
Grammie and Papa Cuddy got a kick out of seeing Ben tromp through the flower beds. Hmmm... I remember getting in trouble for that when I was a kid :)
"Where did the Easter Bunny put all of those eggs?!?"
We had beautiful springtime weather for the hunt!
Dylan doesn't remember the Easter Bunny ever bringing him finger lasers! Times have changed; Easter has gotten high-tech.
Theoretically, finger-lasers should help you to locate missing eggs. Only Dylan had the required skills for that.
However, Benjamin can shoot his laser "way into outer space"!
Dylan had fun, but welcomed an Easter beer when it was offered.

Ben had been ill for part of the weekend so, although he felt pretty good on Easter Day, there was a surplus of candy to take home.
Ben did a little egg coloring with "Delaney, Iron Man and the spinning machine". 
Ben's cousin, Delaney, showed him how it is done. She is a true "Egg Artist".

Cousin Dharma's preferred artistic media was pastels.
Uncle Ed gave Benjamin an introduction to Star Wars Angry Birds and taught him to wield a bubble-wand light saber.
The Easter Bunny and his apprentice frequented the candy/chip table.
It was a little bit like herding cats to pull everyone together for group photos, but it resulted in some pretty cute pictures.
Good job setting the timer David! You caught the whole Fam Damily with their eyes open and a smile on every face!
Grammie Cuddy got the run-down on all of Mr. Rescue Bot's special features.
It was a nice visit and we got to see Great Uncle Buck, Great Aunt Betty and Great Aunt Norma too! Although I am very sad that I didn't get pictures with everyone, it was great to see everyone. Now that the winter is officially over, we will be rolling west again soon!

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