Saturday, April 20, 2013

Celebration Weekend!

For he's a jolly good fellow!!!
So, we started the celebration with a variety of seafood. The feast included shrimp, prawns, scallops, crab and oysters. Unfortunately, it is a bad time of the year to get your hands on good oysters. The only ones I could find were so big that David was afraid one of them might climb off of the grill while it was cooking. The shell of the biggest one was, literally, the size of a shoe.
Ben was a big fan of the crab claw. He was pretty sure he could crack it open himself if it wasn't "too pokie".
The big gift box on the table turned out to be an awesome Cuisinart ICE CREAM maker from Jon & Connie! There is homemade ice-cream in the works as I type this! Yum!
David got a surprise visit from our college student! Dylan had no idea his Dad was that old!
Ben was a big help with blowing out the candles on his Daddy's strawberry-rhubarb crisp! We have a strawberry-rhubarb pie to eat too!
Once the little one is in bed, we plan to mix up some cocktails and play some games.
We need to give David a handicap so we might win one or two.

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