Monday, March 18, 2013

Visiting Dylan

We had a lot of fun visiting Dylan last weekend. I even got pictures of my fellas together this time! 
They're goofy, no matter how you stack em'. 
We invaded Dylan's apartment and made a big mess. Oh, wait, it was like that already.
Actually, we did contribute a few boxes. He is officially moved out after 5 years of keeping the "Shrine To Dylan" open. This is Dylan smiling after making it 75% of the way through his new obstacle course. This is Ben getting into Dylan's lunchbox and showing his disappointment that it was empty.
Dylan was a great host. Here he is getting his little brother a snack from his kitchen.

Ben thanked his brother for the snack, by proceeding to jump on his bed and get crumbs all over his sheets. Sorry Dylan.

Yes, you!
We decided to go out for a little drive. We got some food and then went out for ice cream.
Dylan gave Ben the wheel and let him take his car for a spin.
It ended poorly, but it sure was fun while it lasted!
Dad stepped in and tried to give Ben some driving lessons, but Ben crashed his car too.
Lucy Kitty was, clearly and justifiably, very worried about us while we were away.

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  1. Looks like fun! I am impressed. Dylan has a house plant and it's not dead.