Friday, March 8, 2013


I took this photo this morning. What a beautiful pre-spring morning here in the Bitterroot Valley! The sun is just coming up over the Sapphire Mountains to light the pond below. It is calm, quiet, and peaceful. Everything appears to be standing still, and yet the morning sun can pop over the mountain while you rest your eyes a moment or two. I love mornings when I can reflect on the seasons, how amazing nature is, and how eternal things are under all of the limited ephemeral beauty I can perceive.
 The struggle, which inevitably, arises when one starts on a philosophical bent about time, would be this. How do we live harmoniously as a participant in the passing of time we observe? The sunrises and sunsets aren't an isolated event out in the backyard. Somehow, I can forget to include myself in all of that mind-blowing scientific observation. It is a little funny to me, to catch myself pretending I am not a participant; playing the non-influential observer. There is nothing non-influential about human beings. We are all, ubiquitously, influential on the environment via the tools and products we all use to thrive. Choosing not to participate, doesn't remove us from influence nor shield us from the passing of time.
So how do we resolve the struggle? I don't claim to know. However, I believe striving to do so resides in scientific observation of ourselves as part of the natural world; not separate from it. To that end, David and I were viewing things under a small microscope the other night. The picture above is a 30x magnification of our hairs laying on top of a black book cover. On the bottom is my brown hair. David's dark brunette hair is on the top. Between them is one of my many white hairs; which actually looked silver and shiny in real-time viewing.

Is that white hair, as society suggests, an unwanted intruder? Is it something to separate myself from? Is it an indicator of changes which must be hidden from the world and myself? I don't think so.

I am thinking that the silver hair is the white light glistening on the pond.

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