Saturday, March 9, 2013

The Beautiful Bitterroot River

We went for a drive in search of cows. Ben wanted to see "his friends, the cows" who are usually much closer to the fence line than they were today. The cows were rather elusive. By the end of the day, after not getting to pet one, we figured they must have been busy eating, having baby cows and, (as we told our disappointed and tired toddler) napping.

While the cows were hiding, we made a stop to explore the riverside.
The Bitterroot River is very low this time of the year. As you can see from the picture, most of the snow has not started coming down from the mountains.
There were very shallow veins of the river to block Ben from the deeper running water. There were large, safe, areas of the riparian zone to explore.
It was bright, sunny and 45 degrees.
Ben loved being able to run on the river rocks and climb on the dead snags.
He could finally throw rocks to his heart's content.
He is an amazing little climber!
The Bitterroot River Valley is a wonderful playground.

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