Thursday, March 7, 2013

Spring hasn't sprung, but it is wound pretty tightly

We went outside for a little explore, searching for bugs in our yard.
We took a hike, up and down the hillside, with Lucy Kitty.
We went kicking around the backyard. The wind from the Bitterroot Mountains is still pretty cold, but the sun has warmed us to nearly 50 degrees today.
We walked the perimeter of our yard and found many interesting signs of critters. They had been leaving their mark in the form of holes, pathways and poops.
We checked on our Bitterroot plants and they appear to be doing very well this year. Time will tell just how far they have spread, but the pioneer plants are up and looking spry.

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  1. Hey! Your Bitterroot plants look great! It looks like Ben is having fun, as always.