Sunday, March 10, 2013

Peep! Quack! Honk!

The baby chickens are in at our local feed store! We took Ben to go see them today.
Ben said they were "soft and pokie" and said, "peep, peep, peep".
Unfortunately, the chicks were located adjacent to the toy isle. So, Ben was rather distracted by the toy tractors and trucks with buttons, lights, and big "TRY ME" stickers on them. Try them he did. Buy them he did not.

So, we took Ben to "The Duck Pond" to feed the ducks and geese.
(Thank You, Jeri Lynn, for the seedy bread ends and great suggestion!)
He LOVED feeding the ducks and geese!
He would announce, "Here you go! Go get it!", then squeal with delight while one of them gobbled up the speck of crust. Then, he would tell the duck, "There you go! You got it!"
"Oh, Daddy! He got it!"
It is a nice little park full of very hungry visitors.
The sunshine, mixed with the honking and quacking, was so exciting!
There was a whole lot of fun in those little bits of bread!
Welcome back, ducks and geese! Welcome back, Springtime! We've missed you so much!

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