Thursday, March 21, 2013

Tread Carefully Easter Bunny!

We had unexpected, 50 mph sustained winds last night. Then the storm continued to blow for a couple of hours at 30-50 mph. The weather man told us to anticipate winds up to 21 mph. We did that. Mother Nature had something else in mind. It was pretty exciting listening, cringing, and watching the trees take it. The bird feeders were emptied out all over the lawn like we were seeding a sunflower crop. We had advantageous visitors come in droves this morning to devour the ample seed splatter. This "Out Like A Lion" stuff, really is for the birds!
This is the personalized letter Benjamin received from the Easter Bunny today (You can find yours by clicking HERE) Ben told me to "put it right here" next to the yellow "smiling robot" he had made.
Ben is so excited to color Easter Eggs! We got out the easel today so he could paint one. He drew a large green oval and then colored it in with green and yellow. I think "Green Eggs And Ham" will be on our reading list tonight.
This is "Buzzy". I think "Buzzy" may be taking a bath with Benjamin tonight. Ben has it in his head that painting is more fun when Buzzy holds the brush. Buzzy is very helpful (note the yellow paint in Ben's hair). I know that it is important for an artist to develop their own style, but this ventriloquist thing is too much mixed media for this studio.

But "Look! Look! Hurry! Come take the nuther picture!" he tells me, so proud of the result!

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