Thursday, February 21, 2013

What Happens This Week?

Benjamin Jon turns three and A HALF!!! Here are some tell-tale signs...
My suggestion of "Why don't we go to the table with that?" was met with "I want to do it ALL BY MYSELF!". It is a dry erase booklet so, working on the floor was relatively harmless. We will work on posture and technique another day. I am thrilled that he wants to write his alphabet. He knows all of his letters and wants to spell things!
After viewing a friend's blog, Ben wanted to make play dough snails like Violet did. I think he's got it figured out! He is telling me how to do it, starting with "making a wormy worm to roll it".
Ben, who has always been rather stingy with his affection, turned into the "Kissing Bandit" the other day. A singing Snoopy Valentine has inspired him to "Swwwwaaaak!", into the air, all over the house. When I stubbed my toe, he came over and told me "Oh, I can make you happy" and he reached his lips out to kiss my stinky foot. Feet are stinky, is a lesson he still has to accept along with covering his mouth when he coughs. Empathy, he has figured out.
The biggest indicator of Ben's advanced age, may be that his favorite "Bear Park" has shrunk! Ben has been talking about his own strength and abilities a lot; telling me things like, "Yes. I am fast as a rocket phooshing fire!". I think he is aware of, and enjoying, the advantages of his increased size. He is a trained explorer and ready for adventure!

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  1. He definitely takes after his Grandma Connie, except for that explorer athletic part.