Saturday, February 2, 2013

He's Lost His Marbles!

 This is a marble run. If you connect the pieces just right, then a marble placed at the top of the run will make it down each hurdle and into one of the trays at the base. This fun little contraption was a $2 garage sale find back when our little Ben bean was still incubating. Now he can create a marble run taller than himself by building two sections and then placing one on top of the other. I actually had to lift him up so he could put the marble into the top of the chute he created. He knows how to do it!
He does NOT know how to do this. Here, Benjamin could use some pointers from his Brother and his Grandma Connie.  You will notice the cat is leaving simply because Benjamin picked up the guitar. The 'strumming' (I use that word loosely) has begun. The tongue is out, indicating some level of concentration.  The eye is squinted with hefty attitude. However, he prefers to strum the neck of the guitar and hold the bottom. No amount of instruction has corrected this posture issue. He strums like a crazy monkey and then picks the guitar up by the bottom and tries to bang it on the floor like its a jackhammer. Instrument time doesn't last too long at our house.
We have turned to other creative outlets. Here, you will see, Benjamin is filling his pants belt loop with chalk and a crayon. This, he tells me, is so he can be ready, at a moments notice, to jot down a "clue" in his "handy dandy ... notebook". The notebook (not pictured here) is a ten cent spiral-bound pad we picked up at the drug store at his request. If you have seen "Blue's Clues", then you know exactly why.  This photo reminds me of an event his father's childhood when, I am told, he filled his pockets with live slugs.

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