Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Dinosaur Bear Claw

While we were watching the Academy Awards, Benjamin opened the hallway closet. We could hear him rummaging around in there. When he emerged, he stomped toward us dressed like this. We said, "You can't go outside right now. It is too dark.". To this he replied, "I know. I was just pretending to be Dinosaur Bear Claw.". He roared around the house and did some fearsome snapping with his mittens like a crab with pinchers. Luckily, he was too distracted to memorize the "We Saw Your Boobs" song Macfarlane was singing.
Sometimes the stuff of Ben's imagination is just too great not to share. Like the other night when I said to him, "What should I make for Daddy for dinner?" and without any hesitation at all he replied, "Malto-Meal Strawberry Cake Surprise! Is that is a good idea?".  I was dumbfounded and, honestly, quite tempted to try to make it with him. David does just love it when I try new recipes.

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