Monday, January 28, 2013

Wild Weather

Winter is dragging on here in the mountain valley. A mass migration began this morning, from the colder regions of the house to the warmer southern climes. Eventually, even aquatic animals began the shuffle along! A Giant Squid was seen following an elephant! Scientists were unable to get photographic evidence of that sighting due to a tremendous hurricane which followed. "Hurricane Benjamin" seemed to come out of nowhere. The tremors sent animals flying in all directions. You have heard the term, "When pigs have wings"? Well, this little piggie didn't need any wings.
Even before the storm, the creatures had been subjected to some horrific hardships. First, the herbivores had to run from predatory animals at every turn. Then there was an attack on the entire caravan. "Run! Here comes Buzzy", the giant dragonfly. It is a fearsome creature.
There has been a calm following the storm, but meteorologists in the area suspect we have not seen the last of the foul weather.

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