Wednesday, January 30, 2013

We See You!

"Hi" there family and friends!
Benjamin is wearing his high water pants for the imminent snow thaw. Or, maybe, he is just sprouting up taller again. That is what seems to happen every time I feed him. Although, he never appears to be eating much; he prefers to turn a mealtime into a musical. There is usually a lot of singing, choreography and drama at our table.
Ben is always trying to steal the show. He has started telling me to take his picture. He wanted to say, "Hi" today. This was not a dressed rehearsal.
Yesterday, the play was especially entertaining. Ben came to me, covering one eye, saying, "I am the Flaming Eyeball. I am the Arch Nemesis!". However, he seemed very critical of his performance when he saw it in this picture. He determined that it didn't look as menacing from that camera angle as he thought it had. Don't believe the camera, Benjamin Jon! You are a fearsome creature! Don't ever dim the lights on the grand stage of your imagination! You have a great talent!

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