Friday, January 18, 2013

Trail Blazing!

As I cleaned up our snack time mess, I casually remarked that we should go outside. At the mention of it, Ben raced down the hall and came back dressed! He had put on his own pants (no underpants of any kind), shirt (inside out), mittens and cowboy boot slippers. He was struggling with his own coat and saying "I did it all by myself!".
I really wanted to be supportive of his efforts, but I really wanted to get snow boots on him. After explaining that his feet would get cold and wet in the slipper boots, I asked him "Do you understand?". He said he did and then continued to insist that these were the only boots he could wear outside and still be a cowboy. I decided that, since we wouldn't be outside very long, and he was so proud of dressing himself, this could be a learning experience. I figured that, even as padded as they were, his feet would eventually get wet or cold and then he would change his footwear choice.
Ben tromped all over the snowy yard!
Lucy Kitty tromped right around with him.
It is beautiful outside today! It is sunny and relatively warm (36 degrees F).
Ben ran and giggled with his shadow, making joyful new tracks in the sparkling snow.
Although it looks as though he is trying to turn on the water, the truth is he is peeking through the periscope of his imaginary submarine. He kept telling me, "Up pera-ma-scope. I see you!".
He made happy tracks all over the yard!
We followed deer tracks in the backyard.
They lead us to a hidey hole under the "pine cone tree". Ben was convinced he would find the critter there. He was very disappointed when there was not so much as a single bird under the branches of that tree.
Between the two sets of animal tracks in this picture, you may notice that our little Potty-Trainer made his very own yellow snow! Good Boy!
Ben spent a lot of time trying to "clean" his summer play equipment.
He was not interested in climbing. He just wanted the snow removed. Once he did that, then he went where there was more digging to be done.
The Sandbox is under there somewhere. Apparently, it is fun year-round! As it turns out, so are cowboy boot slippers.  However, we put his wet socks and "cowboy boots" by the fireplace to dry out, and Ben finally agreed to use his dry snow boots when we go back out after nap time.

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  1. Wow! It looks like a fun day and he had a great time.