Sunday, January 13, 2013

Staying Warm

We celebrated Lucy Kitty's birthday! Happy 6th Birthday Lucille! It was also a really good excuse to have some cake.  
The way Lucy tells it, she has survived 6 years of captivity.
Lucy has no idea how lucky she is to be indoors right now. In 24 hours, we went from having no snow to having eight inches of fresh stuff. To prepare for a visit from Dylan, David shoveled and Benjamin swept the walk. Kitty and I supervised from the window.
We received a fun Mozzarella-Making Kit for Christmas (Thanks Wojciks!), so David has been learning to make cheese. Even better, he purchased some Lactase drops to prepare lactose-free cheese for me.
With two mounds of homemade Mozarella at hand, we all pitched in to prepare homemade pizza! Although David plans to tweak the recipe a bit to obtain a more firm, cuttable texture, I was able to have yummy lactose-free Mozzarella on my pizza!
Benjamin got to hang out with his brother a bit.
Benjamin has been dying to show Dylan his rocket expansion work.
Dylan completed some repair work on his car this morning. His lights had been broken recently by a suicidal deer. The unfortunate event had a pretty happy ending, in that the deer got up and was, presumably, fine. Also, Dylan is pretty handy when he has replacement parts available. The little Sube is right back in action.
It was a good thing he didn't need to be outside very long, though. We have been in the single and negative digit temperatures for a few days.  It had "warmed up" to 7 degrees when  this photo was taken.

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  1. It's good to see Dylan is still with us! I am also glad that David has someone to help him shovel the walk. In a few more years it will be hard to get his helper out there to do that job.