Friday, January 4, 2013

Christmas Post #3: Fun & Games

The SOCKS! Santa filled our socks!
Santa brought Dylan some questionable items, though. These psychedelic sunglasses, for example. "Snoozing in class? Not me prof!"
Benjamin will need a full year to enjoy all of the nice toys he received!
Just like his Daddy, Ben is starting to do fake smiles for the camera. He isn't very good at it yet.
It was nice to have Daddy home from work for so long. We all had a lot of nice snuggle time.
Ben has been properly introduced to STAR WARS, thanks to his Uncle Ed. The little Jedi was so excited, it was hard to get a picture that wasn't blurry.
Space ships!
Legos! Dinosaur! Chomp, chomp, chomp!
Dylan is becoming quite the cook. Now that he is living on his own without roommates, he has some good kitchen gear to use.
We all had a royal spoiling!
We had a lot of fun playing the new game Dylan brought. David is getting way too good at it.
Ben loves getting mail! He loves his new subscription to Nat Geo for Little Kids. It may also ease his withdrawal from the daily barrage of Christmas cards and gifts being delivered for the past few weeks.
Family movie night is even better when they are Christmas movies!
Awesome Man is poised and ready to make "Thank You Notes"!
Dylan is on his way back at his apartment in Missoula now. We sure enjoyed having him home for the holidays! He brought his little brother the most thoughtful gifts, including this sweet bedtime story book.
Santa brought us everything we asked for; even the "Pizza Planet Space Station with the claw hanger". I hope we can all get on Santa's "Good List" again in 2013!

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