Thursday, December 6, 2012

This is for the birds!

There probably isn't anything Benjamin Jon has resisted more than having his haircut. However, the little guy was getting so shaggy that his comb was getting caught on snags in the mop. Washing and rinsing his hair was taking longer and longer. This thick head of hair was causing unnecessary daily grooming distress and was looking pretty unkempt. It was high time for a trim.

I must tell you that every trim thus far has been an exercise in futility; resulting in tears and tantrums and the knowledge that we would be back at it in a few short months. We have tried a professional barber, having him accompany his Daddy and I to the salon for our cuts, video distraction, reasoning with him, bribery and much more. I dare say, we have tried just about everything.

Then, very recently, a friend had a suggestion that had never occurred to me. She suggested that we save the hair and place it near our trees for the birds to use for nesting in the spring.
Brilliant! I pitched the idea to Benjamin. I cut my own hair in front of him and asked him to put the hair into a bowl for the birds. He helped me with my trim.
Then Ben actually wanted to get his hair trimmed so he could give the hair to the birds! He almost chickened out when the clipper turned on, but he braved the whole cut! He only had complaints about hair bits getting on his face and mouth. We took lots of breaks to clean off the small bits and to place the large ones into a bowl for the birds. He has been talking about helping the birds ever since!
We will put the hair into a mesh bag to hang near our nesting box. We filled our bird feeders and have been watching videos and reading about the needs of our birds. (click here to see Bird Habitat ideas)
I am so proud of our handsome little birder!

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