Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Mr. Contrary

If I say to Benjamin, "You look just like a Space Ranger", then he will scowl and say, "I'm not a Space Ranger! I'm Buzz Lightyear!". If I say to Benjamin, "You look just like Buzz Lightyear", then he will scowl and say, "I'm not Buzz Lightyear, I'm a Space Ranger!". That is just how it is around here lately.
So, I say to Benjamin, "Other than "adorable", tell me, what are you?".
"I'm not da-door-ball-al! I'm Ben-ja-jen!"
So, I was right after all.

(Yes, he dressed himself today....winter boots he dug out of his closet, 65 cent Buzz Lightyear shirt I scored at the thrift store, and a blue Cookie Monster hat he dug out of the hallway closet)


  1. Oh dear god! Please don't let him go out in public like that! :)

    Someday those picture will get shown to a girlfriend of his... silly Benjajin.

  2. Just think what he will be like at 16. Look out world! Go Benja-jin!

  3. Oh RB... like David! Oh, no! Or worse...Like Me! Oh, noooo!

  4. Heh, heh, heh. Yes, indeed. A combination of both of you and I hope I am still here to watch the show!

  5. Oh you only wish you could escape the chaos. You're not going anywhere any time soon, lady! I think you've got another 40-50 years in you! You're stuck with us!

  6. Doesn't everyone walk around their homes wearing boots and underpants? Huh? Don't they? Huh?????