Thursday, November 1, 2012

Hamilton Halloween

Cat in the Hat, The Tooth Fairy, and The Itsy Bitsy Spider went to the GSK Halloween Party and then out for Tricks-Or-Treats!
It was great weather. It was about 60 degrees outside when we left the house. Out came the sun and Ben Bug was ready to party up the water spout!
Ben got to Trick-Or-Treat all of Daddy's coworkers.
There were cookies, cupcakes, pizza and punch for all of the cute kiddos in costumes. Boy, there were some really cute costumes haunting the hallways. There were Puppies, Pirates, and Princesses, Bats, Bugs, and Boogiemen. Our little friend, Cole, was a great Cowboy. There was a cute pair of twins in a double-stroller dressed as an Angel and a Devil. The scariest outfit, I thought, was the Biohazard Spill costume (boy wore a bucket with yellow streamers coming out of it and a big biohazard symbol on it). There isn't anything scarier than that at a pharmaceutical company, right?
Next, we went to Trick-Or-Treat our friends at Chapter One Bookstore and the firemen at the Hamilton Fire Station. The fun folks at the bookstore all dressed as characters from Alice in Wonderland. The Fire Department all dressed as, well, Fire Fighters.
Being that Ben is still a pretty small spider, he was a little leary of some of the scarier things lurking about on Halloween night. We didn't see any Great Big Shoe costumes, but there were some Spooky Skeletons that Ben wanted to avoid.

There were some costumes Ben wanted to follow; such as the Robot with Glowing Eyes and some of the Lady Bugs.
Our little downtown really has a lot of Halloween Spirit and several neighborhoods go all out to make Trick-Or-Treating fun for the kiddos. There are several blocks of decorated houses downtown who must all spend a fortune on sweet treats for a glimpse at the cute little pretenders.
Spidy seemed pretty tired, so we didn't stay out too long. We Trick-Or-Treated around a couple of blocks downtown where some friends of ours live, chatted them up, then we headed around to our car.
It was a fun night and one that Ben will not soon forget.

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